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Avik Sengupta












THIS IS Avik Sengupta 26 y guy here,I like what I see here and may eventually extend my skills to cover my Computer System & Network Engineering & Also Software & Animation Developer.

I joined now with my professional & personel Business (COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE & CYBER CAFE) - KRRISH CYBER PALACE on 7th August, 2006 after spending two years as a System & Network Engineer Under """"WEBEL TECHNOLOGY"""" IN """"NATIONAL INFORMATIC CENTRE"""" & ALSO I spending job UNDER I.A.S. OFFICER OF ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA, AS A SYSTEM ENGINEER FOR 3 MONTHS.Previously I graduated from the University of BURDWAN, WEST BENGAL.


I m very simple & Cool Guy, spending with a casual life with casual dress. I M a big FAN of The Hono'ble """"""HIMESH RESHYAMIYYA"""" 

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(arabinda mitra, 2010-01-01 18:29)

I wish you the best. You would be a successful entrepreneur in IT infuture.