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A cancer diet needs a good balance of minerals because minerals are needed by all cells for proper function. Patients are often found to be mineral deficient, so this is an area of the diet that needs particular attention.

There are two classes of minerals. Macrominerals, such as the well known calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus, and microminerals, such as boron, chromium, copper, iron, iodine, germanium, sulfur, silicon, vanadium, zinc, manganese and molybdenum.

The good news is we will get most of the minerals we need, provided we are eating a diet based on a wide variety of fruits and veggies, with the addition of nuts, seeds and grains.

Where we can get in to trouble is that minerals are washed out of soils with constant rain, and modern fertilizers don't usually contain the wide variety of minerals we need. Organic gardeners usually use rock minerals on their soils and this results in organic produce have a much higher and broader range of minerals.

Germanium is one micromineral that cancer patients are often low on. It is essential for immune function and is critical to tissue oxygenation. Cancer grows rapidly where there is low oxygenation of cells. Germanium is found in broccoli, celery, garlic, onions, rhubarb, sauerkraut and tomato juice as well as aloevera and ginseng.

Iodine deficiency has been linked to breast cancer in more than one study. Seasalt contains iodine and a variety of minerals rather than the isolated highly processed iodine additive in table salt. Asparagus, garlic, lima beans, soybeans, sesame seeds all contain natural iodine along with the nutrients needed for good absorption.

Large amounts of brassicas eg brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower, along with peaches, pears and spinach can block absorption of iodine, so ensure there is a balance of iodine rich foods in your diet.

Selenium has been linked to cancer. Selenium and Vitamin E work together to attack free radicals. Selenium is critical for pancreatic function, and pancreatic enzymes are critical to the bodies ability to fight tumour activity. This mineral is generally found in meat and grains, however countries such as New Zealand and much of America is known to have selenium deficient soils.

As there have been several studies showing that good selenium levels have significantly reduced the risk of cancer, this is one mineral you want to have enough of.

Food sources that should be included frequently in a cancer diet are: brazil nuts, broccoli, brown rice, brewers yeast, chicken, kelp, onions, salmon, seafood, tuna, wheatgerm and whole grains. Garlic, chamomile, ginseng and parsley are all easy to use concentrated forms that can be added to the diet daily.

A couple of warnings:

Be very careful about self-dosing with minerals as several of them will block absorption of others if the dose is too high.

Again, eating a variety of foods, with particular notice taken of those that have high mineral levels is the safest way to go. If you wish to explore mineral supplementation further, talk to your naturopath or nutritionist. But whatever you do, don't ignore the importance of these vital elements to your well being.

Alternative forms of medicine like:

Acupuncture can be used for providing pain relief.

Herbal Medicine helps strengthen the body's ability to eliminate cancer cells. They do not however cure cancer, but can definitely prolong the life of a person suffering from cancer.

Homeopathy is effective in providing relief from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Mind and Body Treatment focuses on a persons emotions, behaviour and faith. It is believed that a person must maintain a positive attitude and live a life free of mental and emotional stress. Massage and reflexology have also been found to be effective in strengthening cells and promoting the release of anti-cancer hormones in the body. The Mind and Body treatment has been found to be very effective and powerful in dealing with cancer, and perhaps even preventing it.

Nutrition and Diet has been found to be effective in preventing tissue and cell damage and ensuring the proper immune function of the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been found to be effective in providing relief from the side effects of the conventional treatments of cancer. Practitioners of this form of medicine recommend the use of herbs like Asian Ginseng, Astragalus and Dong Quai.

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Have you know, that the breast cancer can also catch the man? Yes - it's really true!
Have a look on the last news!

The special Risk Factors for Male Breast Cancer
- Only approximately 1-1.5% of all breast cancer cases occur in men.
- Several risk factors have been identified that make some men more likely to develop breast cancer than others.

These risk factors include:
The Age: The average age of men diagnosed with breast cancer is between 60 and 70 years old.
The history of the family:
- 20% of men with breast cancer have close female relatives who have (or have had) breast cancer.

The Radiation exposure:
- Prior exposure to radiation (usually for treatment of a cancer) is a risk factor for male breast cancer.

The Liver disease:
- If the liver is normal function, she helps with hormone metabolism by binding proteins that carry hormones in the blood. If the Man's has liver diseases such as cirrhosis, they tend to have lower levels of androgens (male hormones) and on the other hand a higher estrogens levels (female hormones).This reality puts them at an increased risk of developing gynecomastia (non-cancerous tissue growth) and breast cancer.

Symptoms Male Breast Abnormalities
- The most male breast changes are due to benign (non-cancerous) abnormalities, such as gynecomastia (non-cancerous tissue growth)
- So, the men should report any persistent breast changes to their physicians for clinical evaluation.
-The Symptoms of male breast cancer may include:
-a breast lump,
-skin dimpling or puckering,
-nipple retraction (the nipple turns inward),
-redness or scaling of the nipple or breast skin,
-and nipple discharge http://imaginis.com/breasthealth/nipple.asp.

How to treating Male Breast Cancer

This will be depending on the type and stage http://imaginis.com/breasthealth/staging.asp of breast cancer.

The following treatment will most likely be used:

Surgery - Radiation therapy - Chemotherapy - Hormone therapy

About the Survival Rates for Male Breast Cancer

Today, the survival rates are similar the women cancer, when the treatment of the tumour begins at the same stage.

Anyway, the male breast cancer tends to be diagnosed in later stages than female breast cancer.

The following chart is an approximate survival rate for each stage of breast cancer. The percentages are only averages. The chances of survival will differ for each man depending on his own medical situation and several other factors, including new treatment options, how he responds to treatment, etc.

STAGE 1 TUMOR SIZE less than 2 cm No Lymph Node 5year Survivalrate 100 %
STAGE 2 TUMOR SIZE Between 2-5 cm No Lymph Node 5year Survivalrate 95 %
STAGE 3 TUMOR SIZE More than 5 cm No Lymph Node 5year Survivalrate 84 %
Stage 4 TUMOR SIZE not applicable YES Survivalrate 52 %

All about the Planning Treatment and the Research

More about this you get it on http://imaginis.com/breasthealth/staging.asp#what
Additional Resources and References

·The American Cancer Society provides information on male breast cancer at http://www.cancer.org/
·The National Cancer Institute provides information on male breast cancer at http://www.cancer.gov/
·The University of Pennsylvania's Oncolink document, "NCI/PDQ Physician Statement: Male Breast Cancer," is available at http://cancer.med.upenn.edu/


Cancer is one of the biggest killers around the world. In America alone, 25% of all deaths are related to cancer.

Many people think of cancer as a single problem but in fact, it is a number of problems spread throughout the body. Generally speaking, if cancer is caught in the early stages of development, it can be treated and cured.

Although there are several different types of cancer, the most common ones are Lung, Prostate, Breast, Testicular, Skin and Colon cancers.

Genes control the multiplication and growth of cells. If these genes are defective in the first place, then the cells will not be able to grow or divide properly. As a result of this abnormality, cancerous cells are born.

There are a number of factors which cause cancer. Factors which are controllable by humans are smoking, toxic elements and radiation. These can be controlled to some degree and therefore it would be wise to avoid them by changing lifestyle habits. However, there are certain elements which are outside our control.
These include mutation and inherited DNA.

As a result of studies conducted by the American Cancer Society, more than 180,000 people have died as a direct result of smoking. Another 200,000 people have died due to lack of changing lifestyle habits. Obesity, laziness and malnutrition can have an effect on the growth of cancer. Needless to say, cancer has risen by more than 50% since 1995.

Let's take a look at some of these cancer causes in more detail.

Smoking: The most prevalent and easily avoidable type of cancer is the one caused by the use of tobacco. This includes the use of cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Even though smokers are addicted to nicotine, the fact that 200,000 people die every year due to smoking caused cancer should be enough motivation to quit. Some experts say that cessation of smoking can increase lifespan by up to 20 years.

Although nothing has been proven, studies indicate that stress may also be a contributing factor to cancer. Many cancer patients are also employed in stressful jobs. Some theologians believe that stress lowers the bodies immunity to cancer.

Exercise and Healthy Eating: Healthy eating and exercise is universally known to be beneficial in many aspects. But, many people don't know that food full of nutrition can reduce the risk of cancer. Specific foods such as fruit and veg can help prevent cancer whilst fatty foods such as meat can increase the likelihood of cancer.

Skin cancer can easily be avoided by simply listening to good advice. Wear sunglasses, hats, sun cream and other sensible items of clothing to avoid the onset of this type of cancer. Although this may seem like common sense, more than one million people have been diagnosed with skin cancer in a single year.

In summary, some cancers can be avoided. New research and studies are being conducted all the time. So, rather than concentrating on how to treat cancer patients, maybe we should all be looking for more ways to prevent the cancer in the first place.
Cancer Centres in USA compared the lifetime sun exposure in men with advanced prostate cancer and men without disease and they suggest that men who had spent more time in the sun they lives were with low risk of prostate cancer.

New studies in prostate cancer indicate that the men who spent more time in the sun in their live usually can reduce prostate cancer in about 50%

About the above point shown that the prostate uses Vitamin D to promote the normal growth of prostate cells and in consequence to slow the spread of prostate cancer cells to others parts of the body.

Sun exposure prevent prostate cancer and the new research suggest vitamin D in supplement may be a safer option today for men.

Previous studies have shown that many places which long winter like Canada and North America men do not adsorb Vitamin D and others nutrients.

In Canada men do not adsorb vitamin D in consequence one of the seven can develop prostate cancer in their lives;
USA new researches indicate that one of the five men can develop prostate cancer.

Researchers shown that vitamin D has many micronutrients promote and prevent the prostate cancer in men.

About the author:
Hector Milla; editor of the cancer -10.com and you can find more articles about prostate cancer in http://www.cancer-10.com, or heart disease symptom information visiting http://www.heartdiseasesympton.com ,you can reproduce this article in your web site or ezine articles always mention above the author article.

Cancer is a very serious illness. This dreaded disease has caused many deaths; cancer is a disease that’s characterized by uncontrollable cell division and the danger of these mutant cells to invade the neighboring healthy cells and infect them. There are many types of cancer and most of them are deadly which can cause death, while there are some treatments available; there has been no known cure that’s potently effective just yet. Some treatments can kill the cancerous cells while some control the symptoms such as pain. Millions every year gets afflicted with different types of cancer and millions more die every year all over the world. Cancer has been a serious predicament in the medical world and there are concerns on the probability of finding a cure soon.

There are some major efforts being done to correct this but funds have been dwindling making these researches an effort that needs the aid of many people. Many foundations, colleges and other medical groups are doing intensive scientific endeavors to understand fully the development of cancer and what possible treatments, therapies and cure could be done to prevent cancer and its growth. They are called cancer research. In cancer research they discover new methods of treating cancer with the development of new technology and new discoveries about the disease. With proper funding, cancer researches would be able to flourish and hopefully find the perfect cure.

Many organizations have been doing their best to help fund this research facilities, doing fund raising projects and programs for public awareness. It is essential for the public to take notice of this programs because anyone from anywhere can be afflicted with cancer. Gradually, more and more people have found ways in doing both, raising funds for cancer and spreading awareness. When doing such, you hit the head of a nail twice making it more beneficial for cancer victims. Any method is appreciated as long as it spread awareness and help bring in money to aid cancer research. The current popular method is by selling cancer wristbands, which are inscribed with inspiring and informing statements.

Cancer wristbands have been the craze lately, many are wearing them because they are cool and fashionable and yet they help out in finding a cure for cancer. Remember the ribbons everybody used to wear for AIDS. Cancer Wristbands now are what the AIDS ribbons were then. This stretchy cancer wristbands, usually made from either from rubber or silicone, are a great way to do fundraising. They are one size fits all and don’t cost too much. There is a 100 percent profit in cancer wristbands, which may be donated to cancer researches and also boost cancer awareness. In doing so, you not only get a cool looking cancer wristband, you are also helping out the countless cancer victims all over the world.

Many say that this trend started out when Lance Armstrong came out yellow “LiveStrong” wristband to promote and fund cancer research. That promotion had all the right ingredients to capture the people’s interest. Present was the revered American icon asking the people for help, the item was very affordable, was a good conversation peace and it showed that if you were wearing it, you were concerned about other people and their needs. It was also for a cause everyone wanted to help in and deserved all the help t can get. Soon enough, everyone was wearing them, from high profile people, to entertainers with big names straight to the president.

After that, many cancer wristbands went into the market spreading the word, many organizations joined the bandwagon and produced their own cancer wristbands. It has come to be that the color of the cancer wristband represented which type of cancer was to be benefited; for example, pink bracelets were in aid for breast cancer. Messages and statements would be inscribed in the bracelets empowering the knowledge of the people about cancer and tugging their hearts and the hearts of others to help out for the worthy cause.

Cancer wristbands are not only cool, they also help out, many small organizations can help out by browsing the internet and order them from reputable manufacturers who pledge assistance for every cancer wristband you purchase. You may also do your own fundraising; some sites offer very low prices for wholesale purchases so that you can sell them at a markup price so you can have earnings to donate to research facilities. Be aware, support cancer wristbands to help cancer research.

Diet is a double edged sword. Improper diet increases the risk of cancer but a proper, well balanced diet reduces the cancer risk.

Diet is one of the most important lifestyle factors and has been estimated to account for up to 80% of cancers of the large bowel, breast, and prostate. Diet affects the risk of many other cancers, including cancers of the lung, prostate, stomach, esophagus and pancreas.

Prostate Cancer:
High consumption of meat, especially red meat, substantially increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Vegetables, especially cooked tomatoes, reduce the risk of prostate cancer. In one clinical trial, the role of Vitamin E as a prostate cancer reducing factor was established. In this study there was a 32% decrease in prostate cancer incidence and 41% decrease in prostate cancer mortality in people receiving Vitamin E supplements when compared to controls.

Breast Cancer:
In Japan, people consume Tofu, a soya product. It contains isoflavones that moderate the estrogen receptors in the body such as breast tissue. The incidence of breast cancer is low in Japan when compared to Western women; only 1/4th of the mortality rate of Western women. Japanese women's low fat diet, high fish consumption and drinking green tea also decrease their breast cancer risk.

One case control study found that regular consumption of soy foods was associated with a marked decrease in breast cancer risk in premenopausal women. No effect in post-menopausal women.

A Japanese case-control study also found that tofu intake (3 times/wk compared with less than 3 times/wk) was associated with decreased risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women. Again, soy intake was not protective against post-menopausal breast cancer.

In one study conducted in America, the relation between soy intake and breast cancer risk found that tofu consumption was protective in both premenopausal and post menopausal Asian women.

Lung Cancer:
Lung cancer risk is substantially decreased by a variety of carotenoids. Carotenoids act as antioxidants and thus minimize cell damage.

One study in Boston focused on the effect of different types of carotenoids on lung cancer risk. It was observed that lung cancer risk was significantly lower in subjects who consumed a diet high in a variety of carotenoids. This was especially true with non-smokers who had 63% less risk.

One study conducted in Hawaii reported further evidence for a protective effect from certain carotenoids against lung cancer and that greater protection was afforded by consuming a variety of vegetables compared to only foods rich in a particular carotenoid.

Stomach Cancer:
Nitrates in food and other preservatives added to food including meat are converted into 'nitrites' in the human stomach. The nitrites undergo nitrosation to form 'nitrosamines' and 'nitrosamides'. This increases the risk of stomach cancer in people eating vegetables from nitrate rich soil.

In one study, Vitamin C appeared to protect against the risk of stomach cancer by inhibiting formation of nitrates in stomach.

Cancer of the stomach is 5 times more common in Japanese people compared to Western populations. When Japanese people migrated to the United States, they progressively acquired the low incidence of the US due to changes in their diets.

In one study conducted in Hawaii that involved both Japanese and Caucasians, the stomach cancer risk was associated with consumption of rice, pickled vegetables, and dried/salted fish, and a negative association with vitamin C intake.

One ecological study in Belgium showed a relation between the nitrate and salt consumption and stomach cancer. The analysis of this model showed that the significance of nitrate as a risk factor for stomach cancer mortality increased markedly with higher sodium levels.

Dietary habits and stomach cancer risk was studied in Shanghai, China. According to this study, risks of stomach cancer were inversely associated with high consumption of several food groups, including fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry, eggs, plant oil, and some nutrients such as protein, fat, fiber, tea and antioxidant vitamins.

By contrast, risks increased with increasing consumption of dietary carbohydrates, frequent consumption of preserved, salty or fried foods and hot soup/porridge, with irregular meals, speed eating and binge eating. This provides evidence that diet plays a major role in stomach cancer risk.

No single food can completely prevent cancer but a balanced combination of different groups can help. Appropriate diet can prevent 3-4 million cancers each year.

Cancer is the disease of the cells. It is an abnormal
growth of cells, which tend to reproduce in an
uncontrolled way and, in some cases, spread or
metastasize. A cancerous growth or tumor is also
known as a malignant growth or tumor. A growth or
tumor, which is non-malignant is called benign. Such
tumors are not cancer.

Cancer is not a single disease. It is a group of more
than hundred different and distinctive diseases. It is not
contagious. Cancer can involve any tissue of the body
and have many different forms in each body area. Most
cancers are named for the type of cell or organ in which
they start. If a cancer spreads (metastasizes), the new
tumor bears the same name as the original(primary)

Cancer is the Latin word for crab. The ancients used
the word to mean a malignancy, doubtless because of
the crab-like tenacity a malignant tumor sometimes
seems to show in grasping the tissues it invades.
Cancer may also be called malignancy, a malignant
tumor, or a neoplasm (literally, a new growth).

In medicine, common term for neoplasms, or tumors,
that are malignant is known as Cancer. Like benign
tumors, malignant tumors do not respond to body
mechanisms that limit cell growth. Unlike benign
tumors, malignant tumors consist of undifferentiated, or
unspecialized, cells that show an atypical cell structure
and do not function like the normal cells from the organ
from which they derive. Cancer cells, unlike normal
cells, lack contact inhibition; cancer cells growing in
laboratory tissue culture do not stop growing when they
touch each other on a glass or other solid surface but
grow in masses several layers deep.

Cancer results from mutations of certain genes that
allow the cells to begin their uncontrolled growth. These
mutations are either inherited or acquired. Acquired
mutations are caused by repeated insults from triggers
(e.g., cigarette smoke or ultraviolet rays) referred to as
carcinogens. There is usually a latency period of years
or decades between exposure to a carcinogen and the
appearance of cancer. This, combined with the
individual nature of susceptibility to cancer, makes it
very difficult to establish a cause for many cancers.

The most significant avoidable carcinogens are the
chemical components of tobacco smoke. Dietary
components, like excessive consumption of alcohol or
of foods high in fat and low in fiber rather than fruits and
vegetables that contain antioxidants and necessary
micronutrients, have also been linked with various
cancers. Some cancers may be triggered by hormone
imbalances. For example, some daughters of mothers
who had been given DES (diethylstilbestrol) during
pregnancy to prevent miscarriage developed vaginal
adenocarcinomas as young women. Aflatoxins are
natural mold byproducts that can cause cancer of the

Certain carcinogens present occupational hazards. For
example, in the asbestos industry, workers have a high
probability of developing lung and colon cancer or a
particularly virulent cancer of the mesothelium (the
lining of the chest and abdomen). Benzene and vinyl
chloride are other known industrial carcinogens.

Risk to humans from carcinogens depends upon the
dose and a person's biologic susceptibility. Factors
influencing a person's biological susceptibility to cancer
include age, sex, immune status, nutritional status,
genetics, and ethnicity.

Mouth cancer is a painful disease. It can affect your lips, tongue, cheeks and even your throat in a short period of time. The sign is a non-healing mouth ulcer or a red o white patch in the mouth.

This disease can affect anyone. It does not matter if you are a young or an old person.The important thing is the way of leading your life,because experts believe that mouth cancer is increasing probably due to drinking alcohol and smoking in huge quantities, and to a poor diet also.

It is believed that these people are up to 30 times more likely to develop this type of cancer thann those who do not smoke nor drink alcohol.

The Brithish Dental Health Foundation estimates mouth cancer kills 1,700 people in the United Kingdom every year, meanwhile 4,300 new cases are diagnosed.

Thereby the importance of warningpeople of all ages to check their mouth regularly, since if mouth cancer is diagnosed early, it can be treated successfully in most cases.

Rememberthat the way to diminish considerably your risk of being affected by mouth cancer is leading a healthy lifestyle, giving up smoking, cutting down on alcohol and eating a healthy diet.

Regular self-examination is very important too, because you shall visit your doctor or dentist if you notice persistent ulcers, lumpsor red or white patches in your mouth.

About the author:
Article written by the staff of cancer -10.com a website edited by Hector Milla, If you wan to read more articles abouth Mouth Cancer visit http://www.cancer-10.com or http://www.asbestos-10.com .


That’s right, the colorful little fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) has been shown to pack a powerful punch against several forms of cancer. A variety of studies indicate that a diet rich in tomato based products (tomato paste, sauce, juice, soup and ketchup) can significantly reduce the risk of prostate, lung and colon cancer. Not bad for a fruit that was considered by many to be poisonous and inedible until the 19th century.

What is the Active Ingredient?

The active ingredient that makes tomatoes such a formidable opponent against cancer cells is the carotenoid called Lycopene. Lycopene is the natural red pigment found in tomatoes and tomato based products. The redder the tomato, the more lycopene is present.

How does Lycopene Fight Cancer?

In the body, lycopene is deposited in the liver, lungs, prostate gland, colon and skin. Its concentration in body tissues tends to be higher than all other carotenoids. Some organs, such as the testes and adrenal glands, store higher levels of lycopene than do other organs or tissues. Lycopene acts as a super antioxidant by picking up free radicals in the body. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction. Their primary danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs.

Is there any Research on the Cancer fighting power of Lycopene?

Although more large-scale studies are needed before any definitive conclusions can be made, current research does suggest that lycopene from various tomato products is indeed associated with the lowered risk of several types of cancers. Several published reports are listed below.

Gann et al. 1999 - Cancer Research
The study examined initial plasma caroteniods (including lycopene) of 1872 men in 1982, and then followed them for 13 years. These men were randomly assigned to a placebo group or a group to receive beta-carotene and aspirin supplementation. Of the men studied, 578 developed prostate cancer versus 1294 control subjects. Lycopene was the only antioxidant with a significantly lower average blood level in those men with cancer as compared to those without cancer. In those men not receiving the aspirin and beta carotene, plasma lycopene levels were very strongly related to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. This study concluded that increased consumption of tomato products and other lycopene-containing foods may reduce the onset of prostate cancer.

Giovannucci 1999 - Journal of the National Cancer Institute
This journal is a review of research studies available regarding cancer risk (not just prostate cancer) and intake of tomato based foods as well as blood lycopene levels. After identifying 72 studies that fit these criteria, it was found that an inverse relationship between tomato intake or blood lycopene levels and cancer risk was reported in 57 of them. Of these 57, it was found that 35 of these inverse relationships were statistically significant. It was also found that cancer protection from lycopene was strongest for prostate, colon and stomach cancers, but also appeared to have some benefit in the treatment of other cancers.

Rao et al. 1999 - Nutrition and Cancer
This study examined plasma and prostate lycopene levels in cancer patients and a control group free of cancer. Though only 12 patients were in each group, significantly lower serum and prostate lycopene levels were found in those with cancer. Levels of other carotenoid substances did not vary between the groups.

Additional Benefits

In addition to fighting cancer, the lycopene found in tomatoes has been associated with better mental activity in old age and a reduced risk of heart disease. A University of Maryland study found that tomatoes might protect the eyes by hampering macular degeneration, a cause of vision loss in older adults.

How do I get Lycopene into my body?

The best source of lycopene intake is through eating tomato-based products. This is more effective than supplementation. You will get the most lycopene through concentrates and processed products such as tomato paste, sauce, soup and canned tomatoes. Heating helps to release lycopene and adding a little light olive oil will increase absorption. Start packing your diet with more tomato based recipes and begin enjoying the cancer fighting power of the mighty tomato.
Recently the well known American news anchor Peter Jennings died of lung cancer just a few months after he publicly announced that he had the disease and that he was going to fight it with everything he had.

After his death, I read some of the tributes that poured in about the life of Peter Jennings. One of the common themes that appeared in the statements made by his friends and colleagues was that they remembered what a determined, competitive man he was.

They said that he took on his battle with cancer head on, and that he fought his cancer the same way he battled everything, with steely will and determination. And unfortunately he didn’t win.

Reading about Peter Jennings’ losing battle with lung cancer reminded me of another conversation I had had about cancer very recently.

Last week I had a meeting with one of my business associates, a man named Brian, to discuss some business matters.

After our business meeting was finished, Brian started telling me about his parent’s experience of living with cancer. A lot lof what Brian had to say was very thought provoking to me.

Brian told me that his mother had been diagnosed with a bad type of bone cancer and doctors had told her that she had only a very short time to live. Yet in spite of the fact that her cancer kept spreading to other parts of her body, she managed to live fourteen years longer than what her doctors had originally predicted.

Brian said that he often wondered why his mother managed to live such a long time with cancer when many of his younger friends who got cancer died of it quite quickly.

Brian told me “I come from a sports and and athletic background, and so a lot of my friends are athletes. My athletic friends tend to be very focussed and competitive people, and they’re used to being very aggressive. When they were diagnosed with cancer, I watched them go into their competitive and athletic mode, and they would say ‘I’m going to fight this thing’.

They would fight their cancer the same way they fought their athletic battles, with gritted teeth and courage and determination.

Brian said, “What I noticed about these guys who were so tough and fought cancer so hard was that in a lot of cases they burned out really soon.

When my mother got cancer, Brian continued, “Her approach was kind of the opposite. She wanted to live, but she never said she was going to fight this cancer. One of the things I watched her do is that she decided to drop everything that was stressful from her life.”

Shopping was stressful for her, so she dropped it. Driving a car was stressful so she stopped driving. In fact, she stopped doing everything she didn’t want to do, and she only kept the things she really enjoyed.

And she made a point of becoming very relaxed and enjoying her life.

Then Brian told me, “This experience made me think that maybe the idea of fighting for your life when you have cancer is like trying to fight off insomnia.”

“If you decide to fight insomnia by gritting your teeth and saying ‘I’m tough, I’ve fought lots of battles, I’m going to fight this insomnia and I’ m going to beat this thing, well, you’ll never fall asleep. It won’t work.”

Now I can’t say that what seemed to work for Brian’s mother in living with cancer is the miracle key for anyone else who has cancer. This wasn’t a scientific study, and many other factors are involved.

But Brian’s comments about his mother’s approach to living with cancer, and his comments about trying to use will power to fight insomnia are worth keeping in mind when we are facing a problem. Not every problem can be solved with will power and determination.

In such fields as business and sports, an attitude of determination and competitiveness can be very useful, and can be highly rewarded. If we have been very successful in these fields by being high powered, determined and aggressive, we may try to use the same approach to tackle every problem. Aggressively and head-on. With grit and determination.

However, being aggressive and determined does not work on every kind of problem.

If your mate is unhappy in your marriage, or your child has a serious illness, or if you have too much stress in your life, then using determination and aggression will not solve these problems. In these situations, aggressiveness does not work.

We need to recognize those situations where another approach might work better.

Sometimes what we need to do is relax more, let go of our illusion that we can control everything, become more humble, and be open to living in the moment even when we don’t know all the answers.

It’s not unusual matter if you are asked to consume fresh fruit and vegetables to prevent cancer. Once you took those foods rich with antioxidant, you are preventing various kinds of diseases from your body.

Okay, so what’s the correlation between cancer and antioxidant? Have you got information on those two subjects? Of course you know that cancer is very dangerous, and that it may take your life away if it’s not treated well or earlier. One of the ways of preventing cancer is by taking antioxidant. Now let us see further details about antioxidant and how it’s going to make our body healthy.

Our body naturally produces chemical elements (reactive molecules) called free radicals. They can cause permanent damage to our cells. Cancer, aging, and cardiovascular disease are the causes of this damage. To protect us from these diseases, antioxidant plays a great role.

Antioxidant protects body cells from the bad impacts of free radicals, such as pollution, exhaust fumes, radiation, certain drugs, chemical exposure, and even processed food. How can you get this antioxidant then? Actually, our body has built natural methods of antioxidant in order to neutralize the free radicals. However, today’s environment is hazardous and has increased more free radicals which our body may not maintain anymore. Luckily, we have the nature to help us live longer.

Yes, the nature produces many important substances that function as good antioxidant. Food nutrients and botanicals they produce have great roles in improving body’s health. To be exact, fresh foods like fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants other than those you can get from pills. Thus, eating them will prevent you from cancer and many other diseases caused by free radicals. Talking about fresh foods, oranges, peas, and cauliflower contain a very high capacity of antioxidant.

What you might not now is that antioxidant may prevent prostate cancer, which is mostly found in men. There is a study that finds a good, protective effect in selenium. High blood levels of selenium decrease the risk of advanced prostate cancer. Thus, men who consume high levels of selenium significantly decrease prostate cancer risk. Selenium is mostly found in most plant foods and in some meats and shellfish. If you are nuts lovers, you are very lucky, as they are good sources of selenium.

So now you have gathered information about the correlation of antioxidant and cancer. Will you start a healthier lifestyle now? Yes? Great!

About the author:
Novi White writes health articles on various publications. She has been working with doctors for their research publications. You can visit her Website MyAntioxidantGuide.com at http://www.myantioxydantguide.com


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